Easy wake up routine to welcome a new day!

Studies show that when we have a healthy routine to waking up we can create feelings of peace, gratitude and strength that resonate through out the day. Moving from our morning practice on to the rest of our day, we are more calm and aware, and are easily able to see the good that happens all the time.  A practice that includes yoga, meditation and intention can create the space to keep us lighter and carry us through an otherwise stressful day.

1. from the moment we are semi conscious of waking our brains are already busy planning or rehearsing the day before the eyes even open. As soon as you become aware you are waking and caught in excessive planning, take a deep breath in and let it go with a big sigh to relax and ease into the now experience.

2. Begin slow simple stretches before sitting up. Knees to chest, easy double knee twist to begin flushing the back and kidneys out from being still all night, And some reclined side bends always feel good. Each night as you sleep the bodies tissue retracts. It like cold play dough that needs to be rolled out and warmed to make it longer and more workable. Applying these gentle movements when we awaken lengthens and stretches our tight bodies preparing us for all movement throughout the day. 

3. Sit up and spend 5 minutes watching and lengthening your breath. Learning to listen to all that going on inside without engaging with whatever arises. Try to rest in the spaces of no thought or between breaths. Hang back and observe, breathe and be with yourself…its only 5 minutes of quiet you time. Take it, you wont regret it!

4. Before you leave your bed, set an intention for the day, choose a positive word or uplifting statement that can meet you where your at right in that moment!

5. Hot water with lemon! Yes we’ve all heard about the benefits of starting the day with warm water and lemon…well its for real! Start your morning this way to help aid the digestive system and make the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. 

****if one doesn't have fresh lemons in the house, add food grade lemon essential oil to the water. Once you try lemon essential oil in your water you may never need to buy real lemons again. I carry it everywhere with me to add to water throughout the day!

Then with a sweet gentle smile on your face you can carry on with your day spreading kindness and peace to all you meet!

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