Hi friends! I am SO excited to share with you our new platform for connection and practice together! We'll be launching videos soon, please stay tuned and sign up for our first release! I'll be sharing a variety of practices with you to suit your daily needs. I welcome all feedback, content suggestions and anything that you'd like to share about your practices or what challenges you may come across along the way. Our connection and communication is very important to me and I aim to stay with you on the journey as we grow and share together! I look forward to exploring yin, vinyasa, meditation, and various movement practices, teachings from my mentors and guides along with health and wellness content from anywhere at anytime that fits your schedule. Namaste friends!



Please help yourself to any of the offerings below! It is my utmost pleasure and honor to gift a few moments of YOU time during your day. The meditations are simple and short and will give time to rest your body and mind. Take a mini retreat whenever you desire!

For the clearest sound, headphones are recommended!