We are the explorers of internal landscapes.

We quiet to hear the inner language of our bodies.

We open ourselves to the flow of breath and movement as medicine.

We are a band of merry yogis united in peace and practice!


When you sign up and join our tribe for a small monthly fee, you will have access to large variety of yoga, meditation and breath work practices to suit your daily needs. Every month I add new content so your library grows along with your yoga practice. The videos are shot in yoga studios, on retreats, public places, as well as in my home studio. Some will feel as if you are in a group class with your community and others will feel private and intimate as if your sweetly being guided on your own personal journey. The videos vary in length to fit Into any time of the day or night you have available to do your own self care.

I welcome all feedback, content suggestions and anything that you'd like to share about your practices or what challenges you may come across along the way. Our connection and communication is very important to me and I aim to stay with you on the journey as we grow and share together! I look forward to exploring yin, somatic movement, vinyasa, meditation, and various other practices, teachings from my mentors and guides along with health and wellness content from anywhere at anytime that suits your most current curiosities and explorations. Namaste friends!