How to meditate....a very simple and accessible recap on finding your meditative groove from our Mindful Monday's segment on @wpeccbs12 this past Monday!

There are so many techniques and styles of meditation that it can be confusing at times where to begin. These simple steps will give you access to a profoundly life changing practice that will not only be incredibly good for you but also for all whom you interact with on a daily basis. Think of the ripple effect, if your met with kindness and ease it will ripple out to the next person and so on.

Meditation should feel like the most natural thing in the world, and if doesn't then it's time to change your technique! Start in the simplest manner and make it easy to do.

  1. Make yourself comfortable. Sit, lie, stand, sway, dance. Whatever it is make your body comfortable so your not to busy being distracted by the discomfort. Discomfort creates a lot of noise in the body and when we have a lot of internal noise it becomes to difficult to focus on anything else. Get comfy!
  2. Breathe….your breath is a gift! Begin paying attention to the breath flowing in and the breath flowing out. Notice all the subtle nuances of how you breathe, where it goes in the body, how it feels, the temperature of the breath, and the sound. 
  3. Aim to practice around the same time everyday. Make it a ritual for yourself, sacred you time!
  4. Start with a very small time frame of 3-5 minutes to help you ease into the practice. Over time you will find that you crave more time and may bump it to 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Make it accessible and successful so you want to return again and again!

Any questions??? Alright then go practice some you time, simmer in a few moments of spaciousness, listen to your breath and let it soothe you! 

Watch full segment here or go to "FOR YOU" tab above for free recordings of guided meditations!