The Importance of Connection, Community, and Giving Back!

“Remember, one person with faith & love for his fellows is equal to the force of ninety-nine with only selfish interests.”
Ethel Percy Andrus

We are so plugged into technology and social media yet we are so unplugged from our community and our person to person interactions. So how do we reconnect and find our way back to each other and our community. How do we expand our understanding of each other that is in service to ourselves and how can we be of service to others in order to understand how alike we all are and how we all have the same basic needs and desires in life!

There is something so incredibly powerful about choosing to give your time and services. You’ll be left with an immense energy that is indescribable when you volunteer, especially somewhere where you can really make an impact. You also see that no matter what you do in an effort to help better any situation, people are grateful for your presence and appreciate your efforts.

“But more so than solving problems, volunteering does something more, It creates connections across geographic, cultural and racial borders that helps us see beauty in more places.

Volunteering creates and spreads love and empathy, and helps people realize their true potential. When I think about the kind of world that I want to be living in 25 years from now, I want to live in an equitable, empathic and loving civilization that cares more about its people than the health of its economy, and that is not something that simply giving money can accomplish. This better world can only be realized by people coming together and giving the best of themselves: their time, their minds and their hearts.” Mark Horoszowski

Where to begin….

1. First take some time to reflect on what your passionate about, where you would like to give back or offer your services.

  • Children and youth
  • Education
  • Families
  • Veterans
  • Animal welfare
  • Ocean conservation
  • The environment
  • Elderly
  • Homeless
  • Runaway youth

2. Research or google programs that are looking for volunteers in your area of interest and your geographic location.

3. Volunteer your time to the cause and get involved first hand to make a difference.

4. Unable to volunteer time, then donate what you can. Money, food to the food bank, blankets and clothing to the shelters, or anything that can be of use to the cause.