How do we stop and reset when feeling like your losing control and frazzled at work.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fl. (CBS12) — We all have those moments where you feel like you are completely losing control and are just frazzled at work. But how do we stop this feeling?

Yoga-guru Angel Lucia stopped by for #MindfulMonday with tips of how to press your internal reset button.



Check how you are holding yourself. Get the alignment of your body just right so you are not closed in or becoming tense. Sit up straight, pull your shoulders back and open up your chest.


Always remove yourself from the situation. It's easy! Simply step away for a moment, and center your thoughts. Become clear and still.


Take some slow deep breaths into the belly and allow the exhale to release very slowly through your mouth. You may choose to sigh which helps release tension as well.

Pay attention to your actual now experience and invite yourself to gently, consciously and lovingly relax tension and ride the ripple of your breathing. You will feel calm, expansive and connected.

So when it's time for you to return to the situation at hand, you'll have a new and clear perspective on how to handle things in peaceful manner.

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