If all life is a symphony, then yoga is how we attune ourselves to the music already playing all around us and within us, and join in the song!

All classes AND Workshops are held at  Bindu Yoga, in West Palm Beach, Florida

🕉PUBLIC CLASS SCHEDULE on hiatus June 1st, 2019

Tuesday......4:30pm Quiet Soma Yin Yoga

Thursday....4:30pm Quiet Soma Yin Yoga

Friday.........9:30am Organic Vinyasa Flow

🕉 Public teaching schedule at Bindu will resume November 2019!


Upcoming Workshops






with Angel Lucia and Kim Marrone AP. LAc.

This will be a beautiful practice, which works on many levels to awaken our connection to earth-energy, and to all of the beings who inhabit our shared planet. We begin by activating the first point on the Kidney meridian, called yong quan or “gushing spring,” which is located near the center of the sole of the foot.

If we’re energetically sensitive, we might notice -- as we practice walking meditation -- a feeling of qi (life-force energy) bubbling up from the bottom of our feet, and then flowing upward through our legs and into the lower dantian, that foundational energy center in the lower abdomen. Yong quan is important not only in walking meditation but also for most forms of qigong, as a place through which we connect deeply with earth-energy. We might imagine sending roots down through the soles of our feet, like a trees sending roots -- all the way to the center of the earth. As we connect in this way deeply with the earth, we feel both stable and energized.

Oftentimes this strongly grounded connection to earth-energy is balanced by, at the same time, imagining an opening and expansion through the crown of our head (at Bai Hui), up into the vast expanse of sky/heaven. As heaven-energy flows downward into our body, and earth-energy -- like sap being drawn through the roots of a tree -- is drawn upward into our body, our human body becomes the “meeting-place of heaven and earth.”

In terms of the Five-Element System, the Kidney meridian belongs to the water element. The sole of the foot, being the lowest and so most Yin place on our body, is considered an aspect of the earth element. It makes perfect sense, then, that the place where the Kidney meridian emerges on the sole of the foot would be considered, metaphorically, to be a “spring” -- a place where water emerges from earth.

Yin-Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture are a natural integration for the body. Yin-Restorative poses are still, supported, and earth bound (holding 10-15 minutes). As the body settles into the pose, acupuncture points can be addressed to enhance the pose. Expect 2 hours of a deep bliss and healing!

Investment in self-care: $55 pre-registration or $65 day of

(limited attendance, pre-registration is highly recommended!)




This workshop will lead participants through a long and deep wall yin practice while simultaneously giving themselves a full body massage. We will use Yin Yoga techniques (no prior yoga experience necessary) and massage ball work to release tension in the upper body, upper and lower back and glutes. This is perfect for anyone carrying tension around their neck and shoulders from posture, work stress, sports and new moms.

We will use tennis balls as a massage tool as well as yoga props (bolsters, blocks and the wall) to support us through this practice, which can be made as gentle as you wish. 

Make some time for self-care, give your body a deep massage with techniques that you can easily replicate at home, and move into a state of deep inner listening. In this deep quietness we are able to hear more clearly to our hearts deepest desires. From this state we leave with a finely tuned instrument, clarity of mind, and loving open hearts!

Led by Angel Lucia, a senior Yin Yoga teacher trainer and myofascial release educator 



This 25hr training module will focus more in depth on the Foundations of Yin Yoga and understanding how Fascia works and various release techniques to allow for optimum hydration of our tissues while deepening our Yin experience and knowledge.

Our topics include..

  • Fascia study

  • Role of Fascia

  • Myofascial release therapy

  • Ball methods

  • Yin Yoga Theory

  • Principals of Yin

  • How to teach and sequence Yin

  • Adaptations prop use

  • Myofascial release within the Yin practice

This 25 hour module will be held over the course of 2 weekends. First weekend will focus on Fascia study, release techniques for self and students and understanding the role of fascia in the body. The second weekend will be focused around principals of Yin Yoga, how to teach and adapt for the students in the room, and how to use Myofascial release within the yin class. These are condensed hours of training, so please bring snacks and hydration for the weekend as small breaks will be taken through out to help keep you focused, fascianated, yinspired and nourished!

All are welcome to attend and we welcome you to come experience and learn something new while caring for your own body.




This training module will focus on the basics of Yin Yoga and understanding how our fascia plays a huge role in our everyday experience in the body. 

Our topics will include...

  • The Principals of Yin Yoga

  • How to teach functionally

  • How to sequence for a classroom or individual

  • How to adapt for each student

  • Fascial study

  • Myofascial release techniques f0r self and students

This 5 hour module will be held at Haute Yoga in West Palm Beach as a component of their 200hr. Teacher Training program. All are welcome to attend and we welcome you to come experience and learn something new while caring for your own body! Please contact hauteyogapalmbeach.com to register.


L.S.D. - LENGTH STILLNESS DEPTH! An extended, quiet, inward practice where we dive deep. Creating stillness of the mind and body through breathing and meditation techniques, slow mindful movement, and long held yin poses focusing on opening the hips, stretching the legs and releasing tensions of the lower back region. This 3 hour workshop will conclude with a 20 minute guided Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), and 15 minutes of Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy. Be prepared for a deep profound state of stillness and clarity of the mind! 


FINDING THE YIN TO YOUR YANG THE YANG TO YOUR YIN! The body responds best to a balance between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ types of activity. In our culture, we love to specialize, but there’s a dance of opposites occurring in any natural system, and it’s to our advantage to learn how to align with this flow of opposites.

Neither approach is wrong or right: a Yang type of flow can stimulate you as well as relax you, and wind you up as well as calm you down. The problem is that, in isolation, both approaches have their limitations. Without some fire and energy, the super-yin yoga junkie can wind up lacking in muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Without a bit of surrender, ease and recovery time, the super-yang yogi nut is bound to get injured, burned out — or both.

Angel will take you through the essentials of these two different approaches while combining them into an optimal blend — one that delivers serenity, resilience, strength and surrender. 3 hours of total bliss!


ELEVATE + RESTORE! Give yourself some love and let us soothe and quiet your entire being with a grounding restorative workshop infused with massage! In a hectic fast paced world we often forget how to release and relax. In this 2 hour practice you'll learn to unwind your body as you recline on bolsters and props. The outside world melts away as you breathe deeply and let go, allowing the mind and nervous system to slow down. As you are guided into the restorative pose, you will receive gentle nurturing touch with essential oils to aid in the unwinding and healing process. This practice is for everyone including those recovering from illness. 


Angelina Lucia is a qualified provider of Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance®. The purpose is to ensure that all RYTs continue to refine their practice, evolve their teachings and earn CE units.