To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.
— - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I have been casually practicing both private and group classes of various types of yoga and Gyrotonics,  for over 25 years (Palm Beach, NYC, Palm Springs, CA, Hamptons) and I have never experienced the professional and creative talent (yes, creative talent!) as that of the instructors at Bindu Yoga. Angel’s expertise and spontaneity combine to create an amazingly rewarding experience every time." Gail S.

"One of the greatest joys and gifts in my life is participating in Angel’s yoga classes. They are transformational and profoundly moving. After class, I truly feel that I am the person I want to be." - Amy Wagenfeld, PhD, OTR/L, SCEM, CAPS

"Angel Lucia is not only Palm Beach County's most experienced yoga teacher but also the most treasured and adored by her many students! She donates countless hours of her limited free time to those in need that would otherwise not have access to benefits of yoga. Through Angel's long term association with yoga, she has established and maintained friendships with some of leaders in the yoga and meditation fields. Whether you are seeking to expand your own practice, attend a fantastic workshop/retreat, or interested in a yoga teacher training for yourself, Angel is the real deal on and off the mat!"   - Sue Gordon YTT Class of 2014

"After attending my first class with Angel, I knew that I had found my yoga home. My body, mind and spirit were all yearning something deeply healing and it was on the mat that I found it. Within a few months, I knew that yoga and meditation could take me much deeper if I practiced one on one. Angel helped me manage the pain from some deep physical wounds and showed me the way to meditate through her magical use of the crystal bowls and sound therapy. After being on this path with her for a year, I begged her to teach me the skills and knowledge necessary for me to become a certified yoga teacher. This was fulfilling a life long dream and I had gotten downhearted thinking I was too old. But, Angel has helped me to see that the light in me along with yoga movements is a special gift that I will one day share with others. For the moment though, I have learned to practice on my own at home and find the peace in mind and body through yoga and meditation. I have practiced with many teachers over a forty year period and no one has ever come close to matching the brilliant teachings and guidance as Angel has done every single time she leads a class. To say she is my teacher is an understatement. She has become my healer as well as my friend. I hope you will meet me on the mat and experience the same joy." - Sharon Martinelli, Artist, Certified Life Coach, CPA

"Angel Lucia is literally a breath of fresh air. In a world that's become too much about flashy poses and shroud with hypocrisy Angel is what not only being a yogi is, but what being a great person, friend, and soul is. Angel understands and lives what being a true yogi is, that is so much deeper than the asanas, while at the same time she exudes the most amazing grace, flow, and effortlessness when doing the said above 'flashy' poses. I have NEVER taken one of Angel's classes or even just have a talk with her and not felt better about not only myself, but about the world afterwards. She is the total package, the true essence of what a teacher and healer should be. I am SOOOOOOO grateful, blessed, and a better person today because I have gotten to meet, study under, and become friends with Angel." - Seth Kaufman, Personal Trainer, Owner of Iron Lion Fitness

"I came to Angel Lucia and Vinyasa yoga from a Sivananda and Bikram background; my mind was promptly blown.  Her teachings are fresh, with welcome and knowledgeable adjustments. Angel’s breadth of experience gives her an intuitive manner with injuries. She has patiently worked with me over the course of years to strengthen my body and alleviate pain. One of the best things about Angel is that her knowledge is not restricted to yoga poses.  Many of my favorite things about yoga, including healing bowls, kirtan, different meditations, hang drum, and yoga nidra came to me through Angel.   This is one of the reasons that, despite having many opportunities, I did not take teacher training until I met Angel.  I knew I would be a yoga teacher, but my heart and gut had not told me the time was right until Angel.  I was aware that I would be safe and whatever I learned would keep students safe, which is very important to me.  Years later, I am still teaching at Bindu and still learning with Angel. You will not find a better teacher." - Jacquie Smolak RYT200

"Angel Lucia is a friend, mentor, and an inspiration. She introduced me to my yoga practice over six years ago. Although I no longer live in West Palm, I do my best to attend at least one of her workshops or retreats annually because of her commitment to an authentic practice. She has taught me how to respect my mat, my body, and my lifestyle choices. I am honored to have her in my life." -M. Tidwell

"I've been a student of Angel’s from her beginnings as a bodyworker and Yoga Instructor. She has an esthetic that reflects beauty, peace, and joy. Her awareness of the body and its structure, allow her to give queues that are amazingly simple and detailed which helps me connect to my body and reach new places in each posture. Saturday mornings class has become such an important part of my well-being. I am truly grateful for the thoughtfulness in everything she does, and the nurturing that is provided for my body, mind, and spirit." - Carole H.

"Seriously you are a great teacher!! One who can describe exactly and know the intent behind each pose/posture then link it altogether to create much needed space in specific joints and muscles! You Angel are amazing at what you do:) with complements and gratitude!!!"  - LM

"I just wanted to thank you for two wonderful yoga classes in your beautiful studio. I must tell you, I was extremely at peace while in class. Prior to 8 months ago I was extremely healthy, a marathon runner, and did weekly yoga classes. Long story short, I got Lymes disease which took away all of my fitness! I am left sore and out of shape w a major lack of energy. I previously ate a GF whole foods organic diet but am now researching something possibly different. You are in beautiful shape and your skin just glows! Thank you for inspiring me ... I am finding a new inner strength to start over and build myself up. :)" - KS

"I had three wonderful classes with Angel. Your sequences are creative, challenging and fun, the music and atmosphere is so peaceful and you are so generous. Thank you, I hope to stay longer next year." - JG

"I wanted everyone there to know how much I LOVED your studio during my visit to West Palm in January. Three classes in three days and all wonderful. Now if only I could relocate from Boston! Thank you," - JEA