The following list of books have impacted my life and inspire me to live fully present in every moment. There are many many books I recommend for deepening your truth and understanding of this life, our bodies, and our relationships with all beings, however this is a small compilation that I will continue to add to. Many of these books are great as a quick read or to open on a whim for quick insight or inspiration, others will ask for your full attention. If you wish to purchase any of these books or to see more recommendations on yoga and healthy living, please click here to be directed to the Amazon store!


Having spent the last 19 years moving towards a natural living lifestyle, I've been able to experiment with many different options on how to live in harmony with nature while caring for my body in the best way possible. I have studied Holistic Nutrition along with Cornell's Plant Based Nutrition program, 100's of dietary theories, exercise programs, styles of yoga and meditation, bodywork, and more. You name it I have probably studied it to see how and if it really works. Bearing in mind that as we move through life, things change and our individual needs change. There will never be a one size fits all program. So its important to experiment and explore your many many choices to a happier healthier more natural you. This natural you will not only begin to live in harmony with natures rhythms, but also your own. Providing you with a better quality of life and also sparing the planet any unnecessary harm! Now doesn't that sound good?

Mother Nature knows more than humans will ever know. And she provides everything we could ever need to maintain vibrant health well into our mature years. Essential oils are one of today’s natural miracle remedies, yet the practice of using essential oils has been around for thousands of years. 

In fact, using essential oils dates back to the ancient Egyptians. And in many ancient texts the oils were often referred to as “nectar of the Gods.” There are also over 500 references to essential oils in the Bible. Clearly these miracles of Mother Nature were highly revered by Ancient Man.

If you'd like to get started on using essential oils and don't know where to begin, I am happy to help. You may also browse all the essential oils and blends I personally use here. Don't hesitate to shoot me a message with any questions, and we'll begin making essential oils part of your daily well being!